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An Action Hero (2022) - HD 720p

Rating: 7.5

The film starts showing some R.A.W. officers entering an investigation room, where they find a handcuffed Maanav exercising. As they enquire about "Katkar", Maanav mentions Vicky and Bhoora Solanki, as the film goes into a flashback. Maanav is a popular actor, known as a leading man in action films. For his upcoming film, he heads to Mandothi in Haryana. Vicky Solanki, an aspiring strongman politician, who is currently contesting the local elections, wants to meet Maanav in order to gain an upper hand. Maanav does not pay heed, however, because of his busy shooting schedule. Just when he is about to meet Vicky, he is distracted by the delivery of his new Ford Mustang and goes for a long drive. However, an enraged Vicky follows and manhandles him. Maanav gets enraged, and pushes Vicky, who lands on a stone and gets hit in the head and neck. He dies on the spot.Frightened, Maanav escapes from the village and flees to the UK. He does not realize that Vicky's brother, Bhoora Solanki, a municipal councilor of Mandothi, has also reached the UK to hunt him down. His Mustang's side mirror is found in the crime scene, in Haryana, and the police soon conclude Maanav's role in Vicky's murder. Maanav's reputation is degraded and his films are boycotted. The news has already reached UK, and Maanav is forced to hide himself from the UK police. While returning from the market, Maanav finds Bhoora at his house; Bhoora has already killed two British officers, but Maanav manages to escape and tries to seek help from his lawyer, who does not respond. Bhoora confronts Maanav, who tries to prove his innocence, but Bhoora does not listen and tries to kill him. Maanav manages to not only overpower him, but also escape by locking him up in the car's trunk.Upon pressuring his manager for help, Maanav finally gets to meet a lawyer and fixer, but Bhoora arrives and kills him too. When he tries to kill Maanav, he is intercepted by Kaadir. Maanav flees again with Kaadir's help, but leaves him behind. Bhoora manages to learn where Maanav would be taken, and he holds Kaadir hostage. Meanwhile, Maanav gets fed up of hiding, and surrenders himself to the police with evidence of Bhoora killing the two British police officers in his house. Masood Abraham Katkar, a feared don who was taunted by Maanav as irrelevant, abducts him. Maanav is taken to a function hosted by Katkar where he has to perform in exchange for freedom.Bhoora, after killing Kaadir in the parking lot of the building where the function is held , arrives and disrupts the function. He then gets caught by Katkar's men. After an interrogation, Katkar indirectly advises Bhoora to kill Maanav. His image with Katkar becomes viral on social media, just as Bhoora is about to shoot Maanav. Katkar dies in the process, and shortly thereafter, his men arrive to kill them both and a gun fight ensues. Maanav and Bhoora manage to defeat Katkar's men. Maanav formulates a plan to make a deal with the Indian Embassy to project a story that the government used Maanav's situation and assigned him for the mission to track and kill Katkar, thus saving him from imprisonment. Bhoora refuses to spare him out of ego, despite being aware of his innocence from the beginning, and wants to kill him. With no choice, Maanav kills Bhoora and his plan becomes successful. He regains his reputation and returns to India, where he is surrounded by his fans for an autograph session. IMDb